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Land & Business Use
We encourage new businesses and development. Please follow the links below to access business forms or contact the City office at 435-564-3448 for building permits

Notice to Developers and Sub-Dividers
The Planning and Zoning Commission has received a number of new Sub-Division requests.

It is suggested that the developers/sub-dividers review the current ordinances before proceeding to the County for recording. The County (Emery) Recorder, will record all that is presented, even if it is illegal.

That does not relieve the presenting agency (person) from complying with local and/or State law. The laws provide civil and criminal provisions for the presenter (person) that will be enforced by the City of Green River.

Links: to the City (see Title 11 Green River Code) and State Laws and note the exceptions for small subdivisions.

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Land & Business Use3 documents

  • Zoning Clearance Form
  • 2011 Zoning Map
  • Green River Business License Application

Green River Airport1 document

  • Airport Master Record