Department Member
Mayor Pro Temp Kathy Ryan
Budget Officer Mayor Travis Bacon 
City Attorney Parsons, Kinghorn & Harris
Sheriff Greg Funk
City Engineer Johansen & Tuttle Engineering
Fire Chief Philip Engleman
Judge Judge Stream
City Recorder Conae Black
Deputy Recorder
City Treasurer Loni Meadows
Zoning Administrator Bryan Meadows
Public Works Director Bryan Meadows
Building Official Emery County – Building & Zoning
Finance Officers All members of the Council
Economic Development All members of the Council
Emergency Program Director Karen Smith
Activities Coordinator Chris Lezama
City Clerk
Enforcement Officer
Emery County Rec. Board  
R C & D Board
Airport Engineer Armstrong Consultants
Museum Director Tim Glenn
Auditor Smuin, Rich and Marsing
Emery County Travel Board Penney Riches
Chamber of Commerce Keith Brady

Municipal Building Authority

President Mayor Travis Bacon
Vice President Philip Engleman
Secretary Conae Black

Board of Adjustment  (5 members)

Allen Burns term ends 2016
Roy Pfander term ends 2017
Maxine Hall term ends 2018
Judy Ann Scott term ends 2014
Calvin Bastian term ends 2015

Planning and Zoning (5 members)

Amy Wilmarth term ends 2018
Jack Forinash term ends 2016
Keith Brady term ends 2017
Kim Andrus term ends 2017
Chris Lezama term ends 2017

Museum Advisory Board  (9 members)

Penney Riches (City Council Liaison) term ends 2015
JoAnn Wetherington term ends 2016
Donna Hatfield term ends 2016
Jo Anne Chandler term ends 2014
Rey Lloyd Hatt term ends 2014
Arlynda Zamora term ends 2014
Shaunee Harrison term ends 2014
term ends –
term ends –

Historical Preservation Board  (5 members)

Lana Coomer term ends
JoAnne Chandler term ends
Joanne Ekker term ends
term ends –
term ends –