May 8, 2012 Public Hearing Notice

May 8, 2012 Public Hearing Notice


NOTICE is herby given that the City of Green River will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday May 8, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at Green River City Hall 460 East Main Street.

The purpose of the Public Hearing is to discuss amending the Permanent Community Impact Fund list for the 2012/2013 fund year to include the treatment of the sewer lagoon discharge for the sewer system and apply for Permanent Community Impact Funds for this project. Items to be discussed include: funding options, project scope, implementation schedule, and its effects on residents.

I, Conae Black, being first duly appointed as City Recorder of the City of Green River, do hereby affirm that the forgoing agenda was posted in the places given below on the 4 day of May 2012.


Conae Black, City Recorder

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Green River Post Office ________________________________________

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In compliance with ADA requirements, individuals needing special assistance or accommodations for this meeting should notify the Green River City Offices at 435-564-3448.