Grounds Maintenance Public Works Crew Member


Under general supervision perform maintenance on all city property and other public works tasks.

Job Description:

A. Mow all lawns at least once a week, or as needed.
B. Keep all curbs and lawn edges trimmed.
C. Keep the entire grounds weed free.
D. Keep all trash picked up.
E. Wash all picnic tables as needed.
F. Keep the pads under and around the tables clean and dirt free.
G. Keep all tools and equipment in good repair and serviced on schedule.
H. Return all tools and equipment to the proper storage area each day.
I. Maintain a regular watering schedule.
J. Keep all sprinklers and the sprinkling system in good working order.
K. Deposit all clippings, trash, and other waste products in the proper containers.
L. Maintain a safe working environment; keep all fluids and chemicals stored properly, etc.
M. Maintain Ball fields.
N. Keep all leaves and limbs picked up.
O. Clean the restrooms at the ballparks after each game and at Melon Days.
P. Clean the restrooms at the O.K. Anderson Park daily and frequently at Melon Days.
Q. Maintain park playground equipment.
R. There may also be other duties assigned if it becomes necessary to keep the area in good repair.

Working Conditions:

The work is performed both outdoors and inside, in all kinds of weather.  Hand and power tools will be used.  Chemicals will be used.  Maintenance worker must be physically fit and be able to do work that requires heavy lifting, bending and stretching.

Desired Qualifications:

Knowledge of: Accepted general maintenance practices; use, maintenance and application of basic tools and equipment; safe work practices.

Ability to:  Perform heavy manual labor in varied assignments; understand and carry out oral and written instructions; establish and maintain cooperative relations with those contacted in the course of work; read and write at the level necessary to perform the above.

Experience/Education:  Any combination of experience and education that could likely provide the required knowledge and abilities and example of which would be two years’ experience in similar maintenance duties.


$11.56 an hour.  This is a seasonal job with no benefits.

Application for this position can be picked up at City Hall 460 East Main Street, and must be returned no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 6, 2014.  Please include resume and references.  Send or hand deliver application to:

Conae Black
P.O. Box 620
460 East Main Street
Green River, Utah  84525